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Welcome to a world of new opportunities.

Our powerful machine-learning technology and cloud-hosted services make document processing applications available wherever & whenever they are needed.


Accurately categorise documents based on their textual content or visual layout. Auto-learning of document features & auto-tuning for maximum accuracy.


Locate and extract key data based on its format and relationship to the surrounding content, and even capture tabular data.


Process an entire record of related documents, identify its structure and make it easy to find the information you need.


Little or no manual configuration. Train on just a few examples of your documents in minutes, or deploy and build categorisation by example at runtime.


Process scanned images, electronic documents and emails just the same.


Off-the-shelf & custom connectors enable documents to flow easily between disparate devices & systems.

Our Products

CloudHub Auto-Filer

One-click, intelligent, document filing from MFDs to the cloud

product image

Auto-Filer is a SaaS product that enables end-users to scan documents from their MFD straight to the correct location in their cloud document storage.

Auto-Filer uses CloudHub's next-generation technology to learn users' documents from their existing storage and identify them reliably based on just a few examples, even when there are many different types.

Auto-Filer is available for partners to resell to their customers as a service.

  • No software to install
  • No professional services or configuration
  • Sign-up to scanning in 5 minutes
  • Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other popular cloud services
  • Drag & drop auto-filing of electronic documents

CloudHub Medical Records

Making scanned medical records easy to navigate

CloudHub Medical Records automatically identifies the documents and sections in scanned medical records, enabling medical professionals to navigate straight to the patient information they need.

Our optional RecordHub web interface is optimised for effective navigation of scanned records, including viewing of pages in the context of the whole record to reduce the risk of missing critical patient information.

  • Integrate with existing medical records systems
  • No lengthy configuration or professional services
  • Use existing names for document & section types
  • Annotate existing scanned records with bookmarks
  • Deploy within your own data centre
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CloudHub Invoices

No-hassle processing of scanned & electronic invoices

CloudHub Invoices is a cloud-hosted service that captures invoices as they enter your organisation, automatically extracts invoice and item-level data from them and pushes that data to your accounting or other back-end system.

CloudHub Invoices reduces or even eliminates the manual effort frequently associated with scanning invoices, sending them to the right place in an organisation and manually entering invoice data.

  • Entirely cloud-hosted - no software to install
  • No lengthy configuration or professional services
  • Reliably extract invoice & item data
  • Capture invoices from MFDs or cloud storage
  • Submit electronic invoices received via email & process in the same way
  • Optional manual review of extracted data for building confidence in automation
  • Push invoice data to accounting systems for payment

CloudHub API

Supercharge your product by integrating CloudHub technology

The CloudHub platform makes it easy to integrate our document-processing technology into your own product or system, through our cloud APIs.

Use our off-the-shelf product APIs, core classification & extraction APIs and cloud document storage service connectors.

Be processing your own documents on our cloud platform within minutes, with our simple APIs, great documentation and examples.